Santorini Airport Location and Interactive Map

Using the Map

If you are looking for a map of Santorini Airport then please use our map shown below. Furthermore, you can use the map in a variety of modes; Map, Satellite and Hybrid. To clarify, the map below is centered on Santorini Airport. If you get lost simply refresh this page and the map will re-center itself onto the JTR Airport.


The airport’s location is very accessible. In particular, it is located in the east-central part of the island, near Monolithos Beach, 6 km from Fira, the capital of the island. Also, it is about 17 km from both the northernmost end of the island and the village of Oia, and the southernmost end, the Akrotiri area. Using the shuttle bus service, you need generally about 15 minutes to reach Fira. If you hire a car, it won’t be more than a 10 minute drive.

Postal Address

Santorini Airport
847 00, Monolithos

Latitude : 36.4035

Longitude : 25.4765