Have you lost or found something at Santorini Airport?

lost & found at santorini airport

What to do if you have forgotten at item on the plane or at the airport

All airlines offer lost and found services and most of them have specific offices to help you out.

If you have just left the airport, call your airline as early as possible and ask them about their policy with forgotten properties. If it’s not possible to contact the airline directly, you will then have to visit the airline’s official website and find the precise section that explains how to recover your lost belongings.

The following information will help your airline to track down your lost property.

  • Your flight number
  • Your seat number on the plane, or the place you think you may have left your lost item
  • A detailed description of your missing items. If you have a photo, even better!
  • If you have lost any electronics, the serial numbers will definitely the airline to find and identify your item

What to do if you have forgotten at item at the airport of Santorini

In this case, your airline’s Ground Handling Service Provider might be able to help you. So, you have to contact the provider directly.

Santorini Airport Ground Handling Service Providers

Goldair Handling
Phone: +302286030766 fax: +30 22860 30967
E-mail:  jtr.pax@goldair-handling.gr
Website: https://www.goldair-handling.gr/contact/


Phone: +302286028031
E-mail: pandair.jtr@pandair.gr
Website: https://www.pandair.gr/contacts_en.html#JTR

Skyserv Handling Services
Phone: +302286031525
Website: http://www.skyserv.aero

For More Information

Visit the official website of Civil Airport Authority at