Increased by 9.5% the tourist traffic in Greece in 2011

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The tourist traffic from abroad to the country in 2011 was increased, as according to borders survey data conducted by the Bank of Greece and released by the Greek Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), January – December 2011 arrivals of non-residents from abroad increased by 9.5%, compared with those of the corresponding period of 2010. In particular, arrivals from Europe, accounting the largest share of arrivals (89.2%), increased by 10.4%, while arrivals from Member States of the European Union increased by 4.9%.

A significant increase have arrivals from Portugal (77.7%), Albania (69.9%), Russia (63.8%), Luxembourg (53.1%), France (32.4%) and Belgium (27, 3%). In contrast, a significant drop in arrivals (23.5%) noted from Cyprus.

Source: AMNA

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