High School of Fine Arts in Athens Airport

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Athens International Airport in collaboration with the High School of Fine Arts presents the educational and artistic work of the School at the exhibition hall of the airport ‘Art & Culture’ from May 3 to August 31, 2012.

The High School of Fine Arts, which during the 175 years of art education, research and outreach has contributed to the evolution of Greek civilization, will present multimedia from the most important historical moments at the exhibition. In particular, visitors will have the opportunity to meet the educational and research work of both the Department of Fine Arts and the relatively newly established (2006) Department of Theory and History of Art, as well as modern artistic creations (paintings, sculpture, printmaking and digital formats art).

The works presented in digital form, belong to the historical collection of the High School of Fine Arts Gallery.
The Gallery was established in parallel with the establishment of the High School of Fine Arts and the collection includes fine examples of artistic activities by the professors and graduates of the School. The collection, a rich harvest of 175 years, by now includes approximately 8,000 paintings, sculpture, printmaking, mosaics and iconography, vivid example of the Gallery’s history and therefore a very important part of Greek art.

The exhibition also includes material from recent exhibitions and expanded activities of the School.

The exhibition titled ‘School of Fine Arts – 175 years Artistic Education, Research and Social Contribution‘ will be for 4 months at the airport arrivals hall (entrance 1 / ‘Art & Culture’). The venue is accessible for all passengers and airport visitors and remains open daily throughout the 24 hours.

Exhibition Coordination: HSFA Liaison Office

Source: www.aia.gr

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