Athens Airport – Significant incentives to airlines for summer season 2012

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AIA: Significant incentives to airlines to support the passenger traffic in summer season 2012

Continuing a consistent the incentives policy to airlines, Athens International Airport, after the introduction of the winter special financial incentive which is valid until April 30 and involves reductions in passenger charges for low fares, introduced in summer 2012 three very significant incentives designed to support the airlines and to help maintain or enhance passenger traffic.

With the new incentives, the total financial support of the airport to airlines accounts for around 20% of total air navigation AIA charges for the summer season.

The incentives are as follows with effect from April to October 2012:

Incentive to maintain flight
15% discount on landing fees and parking for each route

In order to maintain the traffic of the corresponding last summer period, this incentive offers a 15% discount on landing fees and parking for each route, provided that the number of flights will remain at the same levels as last year and certainly will not decrease more than 5%. Increasing the number of flights, the airline automatically included in the annual plan of the AIA development incentives.

Incentive to transfer passengers
An amount of 5 – 15 € for each transfer passengers
(Equal to a discount of 30% to 90% on AIA passenger charges )

In order to maintain and develop Transfer traffic through Athens to other destinations, this incentive offers every airline scaled a fixed amount for each passengers transfer during the summer period (from 5 to 15 euros per passenger, deduction equal to 30% to 90% on AIA passenger charges). Reminded that transfer passengers are exempt from the Development & Modernisation Airport taxis (TEAA).

Incentive for specific markets developing
An amount of 5 – 10 € per passenger
(Equal to a discount of 25% to 50% on AIA passenger charges)

In order to penetrate European markets with specific ability to create additional passenger traffic (not so far online from Athens), a new class of service will be subsidized not only with the existing ‘incentive for new international routes’, but with an extra fixed amount per traveling passenger (from 5 to 10 euros, equal to a discount of 25% to 50% on AIA passenger charges) which will be refunded in the form of rebates to the airline.

The new incentives offering discounts amounting to about 20% of total AIA aeronautical charges for the summer season are no longer only strictly oriented to supporting airlines development decisions, but take into account the traffic data as it is formed.

Participating more at risk of airlines, the AIA seeks to effectively meet the new conditions that have been formed due to the particularly difficult economic times and to help, support and enhance aviation market and to enhance the dynamic of the city of Athens.

Furthermore, in force is still the incentive program and co-development actions airlines AIA provides an annual basis.

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