Airlines against the ‘green’ carbon tax

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Seven European airlines are working together to denounce the carbon tax imposed by the European Union in aviation, addressed to the leaders of the governments of France, Germany, Britain and Spain.

According to a source close to the case, the companies Airbus and British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Air France, Air Berlin and Iberia, stressing that they want to ‘mobilize and inform’ the leaders of these countries on the ‘economic impact’ of the tax, which threatens the area in which the airlines involve.

The initiative comes after the ban on China’s airline companies to buy the Airbus aircraft .

Louis Gallois, head of the group EADS, which owns Airbus, said Thursday that Beijing refused to order 45 aircraft because of a European carbon tax.

According to the BBC, companies invite politicians to seek ‘compromise σολθτιον’, which will alleviate the concerns of other countries, while protecting the environmental integrity of the ETS in the EU

The ‘green’ tax, being in force since January 1, 2012, requires airlines flighting to and from the EU to buy the equivalent of 15% of their carbon dioxide emissions, as a measure to address planet’s global warming.


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